Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jasmine Kitchen

"Ma ma, Can I try the curry?" my elder daughter asked।" Is it delicious?" I smiled satisfactory when I saw my daughter noded.

I love to cook; I like to read about food and cooking. I like to collect cooking recipes. Often visits to website with delicious food picture and wonderful cooking hint. I am forty year old woman married with two children, living in Singapore. I enjoy make tasty and yummy food for my family and friends. Although the weather here is hot throughout the year, there is often rain in the middle of year and end of the year. This is the time to serve the family with a home-made chicken curry on the table. It is a pleasure that you can taste the real chicken flavour with the hot spicy taste in your mouth while you can feel your body warm up with the chicken curry.

It is common to see many chicken curry stall everywhere in Singapore, cooked by Indian, Malay and Chinese, but they are tasted differently. Some chicken curry are thick and spicy while some are full of gravy. But you can never try my home-made chicken curry which will melt in your mouth. Now this is a chance for you to spare some time with me click here and learn to cook.

Dear friends, I shall happy to listen to your comments on my chicken curry after trying. Your sincere comments not only will hightlight me but also will build up a friendship with you.

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